Watch Becky’s Interview With Radio Disney

Find out how Becky’s music career began and what her life has been like since then in her interview with Radio Disney. Check it out below!


  1. Hey BeckyG this is addaya I’m a big fan

  2. I admire Becky G for the way she carries her self! I mean she is only 16 and she keeps her self appropriate for young girls that look up to her and idolize her music, just the fact that at home she is just Becky when she still has to do chores and get grounded by her parents and when she’s on the road she gets to be apart of these amazing things is just mind blowing! I’m 17 and working on some music my self hopefully I get the same luck as her who knows! 😀 it’s like she has two different lives that come together perfectly! 😀


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